A Trilliant App designed
to make school learning
fun, engaging and interactive

Creates lessons with fun quizzes to keep learners engaged using our learn app that rewards them for learning. Parents get real-time insight from students’ performance on the go.

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Value for everyone on the platform

Record center and
robust LMS

Keep a tidy academic record,
save time and money.

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Fun learning and
parent insight

Gamified app to learn new concepts
and keeps track of performance.

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Get paid for content

Join partners in creating a digital
curriculum on our marketplace.

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What schoola
helps you do


You are in full control

Create your content or choose from a pool of high-quality lessons available on the Schoola content marketplace.

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Enjoy fun lessons

Get rewards for completing shared school work. Earn points from fun practice questions, duels and tournaments.

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Improved lesson delivery

Reduce workload using powerful automation tools that saves time on administrative task, allowing more time for research.

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Performance data and insight

As a parent, you can get performance data of your kids at your fingertips, we also create the best communication link between parents and schools.

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Schools and Learning centers

We give you peace of mind when you use our solutions.

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Students and Parents

Enjoy fun learning via our tournaments and access to performance data

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